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Earn money with these technology platforms

Earn money with these technology platforms.

Today we all use social media platforms and other technologies in abundance for being remodelled and engaged with entertainment things. However many of us also wastes our precious time in just scrolling the smartphone. But with advanced technologies over the years, there are few who also uses technology and social media platforms to earn a lot of money.

Unlikely in this harsh period, the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly obstructed physical connectivity amongst people and has left many unemployed.


Nevertheless, social media and technologies has reduced the thought between the people that these platforms can be also used as the source of earnings. So we gonna tell you some of the tech platforms to earn good amount of bucks.

(1) Meesho: Meesho an indigenous social exchange outlet launched in 2015. This platform enables micro-businesses and people who can use their vocation into a profession by initiating their online shops through social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp , Instagram etc.

You can earn money through this platform by selling products on Meesho.

(2) Knorish: knorish is an all in one online course platform that enables people to undertake their online school to sell courses. It authorizes individuals like coaches, teachers, artists, trainers, professionals to launch their comprehensive online business and earn a good amount of money. This platform have a tradition website maker with also a lesson maker feature which allows to create videos, Word docs, Prezi demonstration etc.

(3) Instagram: A picture and video sharing social platform that provides users to upload media with filters, tags and information.

However, it can be also used as earning tool. If you become an influencer on Instagram you earn a number of bucks by advertising for popular brands.

(4) Shiprocket: Shiprocket is Indian origin e-commerce platform for shipping of the products. It has 20 Courier partners on the panel, this enterprise allows Indian as well as abroad deliveries. Shiprocket.

To earn money on shiprocket you have to sell your products and this platform will help you to expand your business by providing you with packaging and delivery services.

So don’t waste your time just scrolling the smartphone screen also use it as a money making platform.

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