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No work for Oscar winners in Bollywood: Resul Pookutty

After the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput various actor, directors have talked about ongoing nepotism and mafia in Bollywood. But there is a new debate on ‘no work for Oscar winners in Bollywood’.

Now oscar award-winning sound designer Rasool Pookutty also outraged on mafia and nepotism in Bollywood. Rasool Pookutty took to Twitter handle last night stating that,” he was banned by Hindi film industry as after he won an oscar award”. He further told about his experience of being an outsider.

He said that, “The production houses openly told him that they don’t work with him, which openly meant no work for Oscar winners in Bollywood’.

“These things made me feel humiliated as I was not getting work in the Hindi film industry as well as respect for my Oscar winner tag. But it was my own regional film industry which gave me the work and Opportunities and made me survive. If I have not got work from regional industry,” it was very tough for me to survive”, He said.

Rasool Pookutty was responding to well-known filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor’s response on oscar-winning musician A.R Rehman’s disclosure, that how the Bollywood mafia gangs have been working against him to abolish him from Hindi film industry.

He also stated that in Bollywood, disdain of good work done by me there will be some people who will pull me back. Although I have faith in my audience who keep me motivating and supporting every time, yet oscar-winning moment was the answer for that. So I just focus on my craft rather than bothering about mafias.

But I really felt bad about it even being an oscar award-winning musician from India was not getting good work for some time, but now I know the reality of people.

Rasool Pookutty ventured into Bollywood in 2004 with Sanjay’s Gupta Musafir and won the Oscar award for the Hollywood film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in the year 2009. But even though he was unable to get work in the Hindi film industry.

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