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5 programming languages that every computer science student should learn

Programming Languages

There are numerous coding languages out there in the world of computer science but you don’t have to learn all of them. 

Obviously, there are a lot of institutes and universities proposing coding courses and degrees, providing the tech boot camps for students. However, determining where to hustle for course choice for beginning coding and also more sophisticated ones who want to dwell on the apex of the deceased modes in the IT department. 

Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be. Microsoft, one of the world’s dominating IT recruiting companies, assembled data to specify the five most important coding language skills for job seekers.

  1. Java

Java is one of the most prominent programming languages, hence there is no wonder it became the top coding language. As per reports suggested by Oracle, 4.1 billion smartphones operate Java,  with 130 million TV appliances and 95% of desktops in the U.S. Java is omnipresent and the market for great developers is huge.

A Java coder earns a  salary of $85,400. There are numerous job posts for Java coders. Nevertheless, if you wish to be a software developer of any other denomination, learning java coding language is generally a basic necessity.


Javascript is a scripting language, frequently wielded to create web pages interactively. It is text-based, jotted down in an HTML document and operated with a web browser.

There are a plethora of jobs for JavaScript coders. Whoever is peeping for a job as a beginning end web coder will also need to know Javascript, in extension to HTML, CSS and other scripting languages.


Python is a high-level programming coding language with the priority on code readability. This is one of the easier programming coding languages to learn, with its usage of familiar words and expressions, besides white space and fewer curly brackets. This language is also wielded by organizations like NASA and SpaceX.

There are numerous job posts for Python/Django coders. Firms striving Full-stack coders often list Python as a mandatory language for aspirants to have in their armoury.


Evident “sequel,” SQL prevails for Structured Query Language, and it’s one of the specific programming languages brandished for obtaining data from and remodelling databases. Heretofore almost all firms operate a database structure of some type, SQL is an important language to have on your CV. This is furthermore one of the susceptible coding skills to learn, with multiple courses and open resources online.

If someone becomes professional, he can continue as an aspirant for jobs like SQL Database Manager, SQL Developer and SQL Analyst—but plenty of comprehensive data analyst jobs will furthermore need you to know SQL, yet this is hugely wielded across the database applications.


C++ is a programming coding language that can be wielded to develop tiny programs or vast applications. In 2013, C++ was described as CyberCoders’ extensively in-demand programming coding language.

As an extension of C, one of the former coding languages, C++ procures a basis for many modern, additionally prominent ones. There are a bunch of C++ coder job posts, and it is essentially presumed that an aspirant for mainly all software engineer jobs will possess some of the knowledge with the language.

Where to learn these all languages for free:You can learn programming languages for free from the website Code.org or you can learn coding from the W3Schools app.

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