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The Importance of Maintaining the Environment for Health

The Importance of Maintaining the Environment for Health

Healthy living must be cultivated from an early age. You can start from yourself, such as exercising regularly, fulfilling your body’s daily fluid intake, getting enough rest, and consuming nutritious food. Also pay attention to cleanliness in your house “slot 10 ribu“. Don’t let standing water or rubbish accumulate, because it can be a source of disease. Maintaining a clean environment is not as easy as you imagine. There are still irresponsible hands who throw rubbish carelessly. In fact, awareness is needed from all parties and levels of society to create a clean and comfortable environment. So, why is protecting the environment important for health? Here’s the review.

Healthy Environment Avoids Various Diseases

Cleanliness is always synonymous with health. This means that the first benefit of protecting the environment is that it maintains your health. You need to know, just a clean environment doesn’t mean the body doesn’t get sick easily. Especially if you don’t try to keep it clean. An unclean environment is the best place for mosquitoes to nest. Not to mention the various bacteria that live in it. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia revealed that by keeping the environment clean, such as residences, schools and places of worship, people can avoid dengue fever and hepatitis A. Tetanus, cholera and typhoid fever have the potential to appear in environments that are not kept clean.

Healthy Environment Linked to Mental Health

Not only physical health is maintained when you have a clean environment. A healthy environment also has great benefits for a person’s mental health. Clean air, clean water, lots of green space and sanitation can improve a person’s quality of life. Improving the quality of life will certainly make someone avoid mental health problems. From the results of research conducted, spending a lot of time in an environment with lots of green open space helps to reduce levels of anxiety and depression.

A Healthy Environment is More Comfortable to Live in

A clean environment makes you more comfortable to live and stay for a long time. Not only that, other people will not be reluctant to visit. They assess your environment as beautiful and neat, and comfortable to live in.

That is the benefit of protecting the environment for body health. Try to keep the environment clean and clean. Remember, a clean environment also supports good body health.



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